Saturday, 28 February 2015

Ten things I'm looking forward to at Disneyworld

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I'm sure that it won't come as a surprise to any of you that this year, Bradley and I are finally going on our honeymoon to Walt Disney World, Florida. Whilst I am stupidly excited already about the thought of going and seeing as much as I can cram into two weeks, I've carefully thought about ten things that I am most excited about doing/seeing and are my "must do" rides/attractions.

1 :: Purchasing a pair of Minnie ears upon arrival and not removing them the entire trip!
I think this is customary for anyone at Disney World, and especially for a first timer like me. Where else can you walk around with ears on your head and not look like an idiot? I also want to pick up a first trip and a birthday pin badge!

2 :: Riding the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
With a wait time of over two hours for this ride, I think we will be attempting to fast pass this but I will definitely be riding the mine train one way or another!

3 :: Trying a strawberry oolong tea slush
Fans of youtubers See Ya Reel Soon will know all about this drink which you can find at the Joy of Tea counter within the China pavillion at Epcot. It looks like the most perfect drink to cool you down on a hot day!

4 :: Drawing something at Animation Academy
I love sketching at home,(check out my Olaf) so I'm really excited about having a go at drawing a character at Hollywood studios. 

5 :: Eating a Oreo Mickey bar
I love oreos and I love ice cream so this is the perfect combination! Too bad ice cream melts otherwise I would be using up all my snack credits and bringing all these home!

6 :: Meeting Chip and Dale
Chip and Dale have fast become two of my favourite characters, they're just so cheeky! I can't wait to have a photo taken with them!

7 :: Trying to get Glactic Hero status on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin
I've been watching videos on how to get galactic hero status, which is a high score of 999999. I want that badge! It will be mine!

8 :: Breakfast at Chef Mickey's
Did someone say Mickey waffles? Err...yes please! Plus as it's a character breakfast you get to meet Mickey and friends too. It's also in Disney's contemporary resort which I'm excited to have a look around in.

9 :: Watching the Dapper Dans
I've been a Dapper Dan fan since the first time I saw them on videos online and I cannot wait to hear them sing! I also love the little outfits they wear too with the hats and stripey waistcoats! I really hope I can sneak in a photo with them!

10 :: Watching the Electric Light Parade and WISHES!!
Lastly, but certainly not least. I cannot wait for the electric light parade and wishes. Every time I see a video it makes me cry! I was hoping to run into Magic Kingdom on our first day to catch wishes, but due to when our flight arrives and we get through customs etc we won't have time. It will definitely be done on the first full day though!

Have you been to Disneyworld before?
What would you recommend as one of my "must dos"?


Sunday, 15 February 2015

Disney Listography

Ever since I was little I was always making lists of some sort and I still enjoy it now. I was recently searching the internet for some listography inspiration and couldn't find much in the way of Disney related listography so I've decided to create my own for all the Disney fans and listographers out there!

Please feel free to use the template below for your own list making, I had fun creating it because it meant I had to make a list! I think I will create some more in the future and pop them up here for everyone to share.

If you decide to have a go, please leave me a comment to your post or tweet me the link, I love reading lists as much as I love writing them!




Saturday, 14 February 2015

Why Do I Blog?

Sometimes I find myself asking that question...and so far I don't seem to have been able to come up with a definitive answer. Impatience is a Virtue was born almost three years ago on a whim, my husband worked odd hours and I was usually at home bored and alone. The internet was portrayed as this scary place where you shouldn't talk to people you don't know and especially not meet up with any of them, but I've found (most of) the blogging community welcoming and friendly. 

I never usually stick at anything. I have what my family call "fads" I try something and then usually give up within the first month or few months, because it's too hard or I've got bored. I tried crafting, baking, sewing you name it, I've tried it but nothing really clicked and stayed, except this.

More recently I've found myself drifting in and out of blogging. I used to feel like I had to post  every other day because I wanted to be a popular blog but after burning myself out quite quickly, juggling full time work and my blog I realised that it wasn't all about the numbers. I feel like now, although it's quite sporadic, I post better content, work harder on my photos and actually enjoy what I write.

I used to call myself a beauty blogger, but I'm not really sure that's what I am now, I like to write about everything and anything, what excites me, where I've been, experiences I've had and even though the beauty content has decreased you still seem to be enjoying what I write. I used to feel pressured to buy the latest products and to be honest, it wasn't doing my bank balance or my stress levels any good!

It still excites me every time that Bloglovin button goes up a number and it still makes me sad when it goes down, but the majority of people that follow me have stuck with me even though I've only posted a few times this year so far.

I don't buy and review the latest products, I don't know what the new "it" show is, I'm not fashionable but I am happy and I write honestly and about what I know.

I am grateful to all of you who read my blog, post comments and tweet me, because it is all of you that make me realise that even though I blog for me, I also blog for you and it's great that you like what I write.